AGROMETAL S.C. is a family company specializing in the machining. The company has started the business activity on 6 February 1985 in Olszyna, near Lubań. In 1992, the company headquarters was moved to Lubań. From the beginning, the company’s business profile has not significantly changed. Production of spare parts for agricultural and mining machinery and automotive industry is still the core of the company’s activity.

Currently, we employe nearly 50 highly qualified employees, who ensure the highest quality of produced products.

The company is equipped with complementary machinery park, allowing for very diverse production. We annually implement to the production several thousand of different new products. Over 80% of production is sold abroad. We have diversified and regular customers with the solid international position.

The company systematically expand production facilities – currently, it has modern halls with an areas of over 2000 m2. We make products based on the documentation provided by the client or on the basis of documentation prepared by our own design and technological office. Modern and efficient machinery park allows the production of very high quality products.

The company has also implemented CAD/CAM solutions. Our services take into account individual needs and requirements of customers, ensuring reliable and comprehensive service.

Our motto is reliability, high quality, punctuality, competitive price and realization of customer’s individual needs.

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A G R O M E T A L   s.c.

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