Our machinery park and many years of experience allow us the appropriate performance of diverse range of products. Moreover, we produce welded steel constructions, constructions from stainless steel and aluminum.

Technical possibilities:

CNC milling – simultaneous machining in 5 axes
– max diameter: Ø750mm
– max height: 700mm
– torsional milling head +/- 110°

CNC milling – in 3 and 4 axes
– max milling length: 3500mm
– max milling width: 1000mm
– max milling height: 800mm

Conventional milling:
-max milling length: 3000mm
-max milling width: 300mm

CNC turning:
-max turning diameter: Ø630mm
-max turning length: 3125mm

Conventional turning:
-max turning diameter: Ø630mm
-max turning length: 3000mm

Cylindrical grinding:
-max grinding diameter: Ø250mm
-max grinding length: 1200mm

Surface grinding:
-max grinding length: 800mm
-max grinding width: 300mm

Hole grinding:
-max diameter of grinded detail: Ø250mm
-max length of grinded detail: 125mm

Burning of details:
-max length: 3000mm
-max width: 1500mm

Milling of gear wheels on hobbing machines:
-max diameter: Ø1250mm
-max module: 12

Slotting of hear wheels:
-max diameter: Ø800mm
-max module: 12
-max stroke: 200mm

Slotting of modular, tapered wheels:
-diameter of wheels: from Ø20 to Ø280mm
-max module: 8

– nominal tractive force: 250kN
– max diameter of detail: Ø600mm

-method: TIG, MIG, MAG

Our details after the treatment can be powder-coated, galvanized, burnished, nickel plated, chrome plated, shot peened, sandblasted, sandblasted with glass beads, etc.

We also cooperate with a company dealing with quenching, nitriding, annealing, tempering, carbonitration and carburization.